American Tourister Luggage AT Pop 3-Piece Spinner Set Review

american-tourister-luggage-at-pop-three-piece-spinner-setThe individual pieces that make up this combination navigate on four wheels rather than two, hence the name spinner set. Some travelers prefer spinner luggage while others prefer using uprights having two in line fixed wheels. This American Tourister features a 29″ piece, a 25″ piece, and a 21″ piece. The dimensions of the latter allow its use as carry-on luggage. When taking an extended trip, requiring the use of all three pieces of luggage, having one as a carry-on piece will often save money in check-in fees. This set is available in six colors: black, aqua blue, charcoal, Navy blue, purple, and red.


Each piece in this set features 100 percent polyester construction. The three pieces have a total weight of 33 pounds. Each of the four spinner wheels on each piece is multi-directional, so the luggage has a full 360º of mobility. Each case has a padded side handle and a padded top handle, making it easier to lift and move about when fully packed. There a multiple interior pockets in each case and each case is expandable to an additional 25 percent in capacity. Each of the three cases features a front panel pocket and two additional exterior pockets. A plastic-coated pocket in the lid is useful for carrying damp items.


  • Having four wheels instead of two allows a fully packed upright piece to remain that way.
  • A spinner set (four wheels) provides greater mobility. It is particularly advantageous in urban areas, on escalators, and when navigating through crowded areas.
  • Since the luggage rolls along in an upright position there is not weight placed on your arm. These cases roll along so smoothly a toddler can push one.
  • The front panel pocket on the carry-on piece can come in handy for storing last-minute items or reading materials.
  • For ease in storage, the three pieces can nest together.


  • The more wheels you have the more that can go wrong. Two wheels operate better on rougher surfaces such as cobblestones.
  • Of the three exterior pockets, only one can be locked.
  • While stable, if heavier items are packed near the top, the case may tip over.


Costing in the neighborhood of $100, this American Tourister spinner luggage set is definitely cheap. The adjective does not apply to the quality however. The smaller, carry-on piece can be an absolute delight to have along, and the medium-size piece can see you through a rather extensive trip. The largest of the three may be too large for some, but would be ideal for use by those who take long, extended journeys. For such an affordable set of luggage, the durability and functionality of this set makes it an absolute bargain. The only consumers who may not be satisfied are those who prefer to travel with two-wheeled cases.